Our Mission

Transformation of African communities through children’s education, church leadership training, and community development in partnership with like-minded organizations through the local church.

Core Values

  • Education
  • Evangelism
  • Church leader training
  • Community Development

African Expertise

 PEACE International was founded in response to urgent needs in the country of South Sudan.  After fifty years of war, during which more than 2.5 million civilians died, South Sudan has a lot of catching up to do. Adult literacy is the lowest in the world, maternal mortality is the highest, and one in five children don't reach age 5. The whole country boasts less than 50 miles of  hard surface roads. When the country gained independence from Khartoum, the country lacked qualified leaders. Optimism became pessimism when the citizens of the newly formed country did not see their living conditions improve. 

PEACE started with one community in Jonglei State

Jonglei State is the largest state in  the world’s  newest country. It is also the most volatile area. After gaining independence in 2011, the government of the Republic of South Sudan did its best, but, unfortunately, in December 2013 factional fighting broke out and the plans Rosemary had to open a school in Biong had to be put on hold.  

Education in Refugee Camps

Up to a million South Sudanese had to flee their homes when war broke out. Many ended up in camps in northern Uganda so in April 2014, Rosemary went to Uganda to see how PEACE International could help.  UN officials as well as Uganda government officials urged Rosemary to construct temporary schools so children in the camps could at least be educated.  

Starting Over

With the blessing of her African board of directors, Rosemary started over raising money from Africans, Europeans, and Americans to start a school in Adjumani, Uganda. An evangelical church donated land and Rosemary hired laborers to construct the building. In the fall of 2014 the school was packed with eager students students.  

Leadership Development

South Sudan has a tremendous leadership deficit due to the extended war. The present leaders are not to blame for that but PEACE International will help train new leaders to bring real transformation in the nation. As the children learn, every now and then we will bring in the parents and the leaders in the communities to help them understand what their children are taught and the reasons why. 

Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Evangelism

Besides destroying countless lives, the war left deep scars in the lives of people who fled the fighting. Along with educating children, PEACE is bringing seminars and classes to Adjumani to help adults and children begin to reconstruct their lives.  Also, since most church leaders  are not adequately trained to shepherd their churches, PEACE International will partner with churches in Kenya and the west to evangelize and train new Christian leaders. 

PEACE International (US) Board Members

Brian Petak -- Executive Pastor, Monument, CO

Kerry Jeffries,  Gresham, OR 

Ahuma Adodoadji, CEO of Afrilink, Providence, RI

Kimberly Grizzle, TX

Our Leaders

PEACE International Africa Director, Rosemary Khamati

With more than 20 years of experience in the “non-profit” world and 14 years working in Africa relief and development, Rosemary Khamati is uniquely qualified to lead PEACE International’s work in East Africa. She’s a teacher by profession, an administrator by training, and a servant of Christ committed to holistic transformation through education, leadership training, evangelism, and community development . Rosemary’s philosophy is to start small, go deep, and work herself out of a job. She is “Mum” to four grown daughters – and "Grandma" to a delightful grandson. 

Email: Rosemary Khamati

Phone Nairobi, Kenya  (254) 20-521 9760